Comfort Tours

Ethiopia is mainly known as a cultural and ethnographic destination, ideal for the active and adventurous traveller. However, it is important to point out that it can offer great experiences to any avid traveller. Ethiopia is an extraordinary destination and it is very possible to visit it enjoying paced visits, with a minimal physical effort and also appreciating a certain comfort, thanks to the excellent network of domestic flights, connecting almost every corner of the country with the capital Addis Abeba. Accommodation is not always up to the standards of the Western world however all the  main tourist destinations nowadays do offer comfortable hotels.

The below programs, are upon request and on FIT basis, can be carried out by affordable private microbus or by higher standard 4×4 vehicles, they offer a balanced ratio drives/stops, envisage a few nights in the same hotels and include an accommodation in line with customers’ budget.
These are our best recommendations for the discovery of this incredible country, however any tour can be adapted to specific individual needs.

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Sunrise means passion for Ethiopia