Who we are

                        Welcome to Sunrise Tours Ethiopia website!
Hopefully this is just the first step to help you understand and come to discover the many wonders of our country.

Yacob and Emanuele met in 2011, when they were both working in different tour companies. From the start, besides the business relationship, a sincere friendship developed that later led to a joint business project in 2018. Since then, they have been working side by side, partaking in the inevitable joys and challenges of an attentive local tour operator in Ethiopia. Sharing a common view on the meaning of tourism, their two very different backgrounds provide Sunrise Tours with a deep knowledge of both the local reality and the foreign traveller’s needs.

First and foremost though, both Yacob and Emanuele share the love for this incredible land, and that’s why “Sunrise means passion for Ethiopia”.


I started to work in tourism out of passion. After a university degree in agriculture, my job took me around the country and so, while in the rural areas, I got to discover the incredible cultural heritage of Ethiopia. Little by little I found myself recommending visits, creating special itineraries and guiding clients of the farming project to some special spots etc. It was not long before I decided to work in tourism full time, so I went back to study and graduated also in Tourism Management (Level 5) at CTTI in Addis Ababa. 
Since 2008, I have been an active player in Ethiopian tourism, visiting all corners of this amazing country and experiencing its varied attractions. Apart from being the GM of Sunrise Tours, I am serving as Board member of Tourism Ethiopia [Assigned by the Prime Minister], Board member of the CTTI – Government Tourism School [Assigned by the Tourism Minister], President of the Ethiopian Tour Operator Association [Elected by over 200 members] and Member of the National Tourism Think-Tank group [Appointed by Tourism Minister].

I set my first step in Ethiopia back in 2007 and I immediately fell in love with its genuine people, magnificent landscapes and “simplicity” of life. This special connection, combined with the natural curiosity for new places, has meant that I not only came back several times but actually decided to move to Addis Abeba with the whole family in 2010!

The previous experience in marketing and photography, as well as the many languages spoken, enabled me to successfully enter the Ethiopian Tourism scene by joining a prominent tour operator as Tour Manager. The job gave me the privilege to travel to almost every corner of the country and familiarize with all the aspects of tour operating, from designing tours and expeditions to market the destination at the international level. In 2018, feeling confident to start on my own, it was very natural to enter into a business partnership with Yacob, My role in the company is Marketing and Tour Design Manager.


Five reasons that make us different



Thinking outside the box

The most important thing during a trip is not where to reach but how. There are lots of ways to travel and enjoy each and every place and we are always ready to get outside the box to find a new one: yours.


Field experience

We know what you are going to experience because we already did it! We periodically monitor the destinations either realizing surveys or eventually accompanying groups. We experience and enjoy the trip together with you.


Customer care

Our customers are not simply names in a booking list; they are our guests. We are proud to honour the big fame enjoyed by Ethiopia’s culture of hospitality welcoming them at the beginning of the trip and caring about their experience throughout the whole journey.


Quality control

Each of our vehicles goes through a detailed inspection before commencing a trip and hotels and lodges are selected after a careful visit and survey.  Above all, we are always ready to ask and listen carefully our guests’ feedback on their travel experience in order to keep up the quality and, eventually, improving any possible detail for the future.



Quick reply

We know how crucial it is in our field to get a prompt and satisfactory answer. Therefore, we are available to our customers 24h/7d through different channels of communication.

Sunrise means passion for Ethiopia