Trekking Tours

Everywhere you go in Ethiopia, you see someone walking somewhere. There is no road, trail or pathway without the frequent coming and going of people. Long walks in Ethiopia are not a sport but rather a daily necessity and people are always on the go to reach a market, the school, a place of worship, their workplace and of course their family. When you hike or trek or simply walk you are therefore given the perfect chance to observe Ethiopia at the pace of its inhabitants. Walking with them means sharing part of their daily life, understanding the distances and challenges of this incredible geography and of course appreciating why so many world-class long-distance runners come from this region!

There are so many options for hiking and trekking in Ethiopia, that it is impossible to describe them all here. Here follows some ideas and of course we remain available for giving specific suggestions as per the likes of each traveller but consider that hiking and trekking excursions from half a day to several days can be included in any tour – just tell us your level of fitness and interests and we will give you our best proposals.

Simien Mountains Park (2-10 days)

It is the evergreen option. The average altitude is approximately 3000m a.s.l. and it can be intense because there are some big drops. It is possible to reach Ethiopia’s highest peak, Ras Dashen (4620m), however the true highlight are the views around Imet Gogo Chain. Likely endemic wildlife encounters: Gelada babboons, Simien Fox, possibly Walya Ibex, and several bird species.  See more.


Bale Mountains Park (2-8 days)

Less known than the Simiens, this park rewards trekkers with excellent wildlife encounters. The average altitude is 3600m but there are no challenging drops. The highlights include the two very different ecosystems of the Sanetti Plateau and the Harenna Forest. Likely wildlife encounters: Simien Fox, Giant mole rats, Mountain Nyala, Colobus monkey, and more than 40 species of endemic birds.  

Lalibela-Tigray Community Tourism (2-10 days)

To be hosted by a local community in the wonderful Tigray region and have the opportunity to walk around with them is a rare unforgettable experience. Around the Holy city of Lalibela we can offer two different types of itineraries: the classic hikes on the plateau (suitable to anybody) or the thrilling ascent to Abuna Yoseph Peak (4240m) with the visit, on the way, of two outstanding churches (a good level of fitness is required).


Tigray Region (1-7 days)

This region offers several off-the-beaten-track hikes across one of the most spectacular scenery in Ethiopia and many are the incredible rock-hewn churches which can be reached. Options are really many, from mobile tented camps to community based hospitality, from informal hosting in churches or monasteries to lodges, so our recommendation will be based on the specific interests of each traveller.  

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