Trekking Tour

In every corner of Ethiopia, you will find someone walking. There is no road, trail or pathway without the frequent comings and goings of people. In Ethiopia to make a long walk is not a sport, but a daily necessity to go to the market, school, a place to pray, to meet relatives or to the workplace…

To travel by foot provides the chance to observe Ethiopia country with a different rhythm: the one of local people. To walk is to share a part of their daily life and effort, realise what the distances really mean, the challenges of this amazing geography and understand why this country produces so many world-class athletes.

There are so many options for hiking and trekking in Ethiopia, here are some of the best options:


Simien Mountains Park: it’s the classic option, it can vary from 3 to 10 days, in average the altitude is around 3000m, it’s quite demanding with some huge drops. It may eventually reach the highest peak of Ethiopia, Ras Dashen, at 4620mt, but the highlights are the amazing views to Imet Gogo chain of peaks and the wide range of landscapes you can admire looking towards the lowlands.

Bale Mountains Park: less known than the Simien’s, the Bale Mountains Park will reward trekkers with amazing wildlife spotting. Even though in general the altitude is 3600, the drops are not too challenging, it’s possible to trek for 2 days up to 8. The highlights of the trek are the Sanetti plateau and the Harenna forest, both with charming and different ecosystems and landscape.


Timket in Aksum-ethiopia

Lalibela-North Wollo community tourism: to walk with and be hosted by the community will be a great experience in a wonderful setting. The Tesfa community trekking offers around Lalibela two different levels of itineraries: an affordable one on the plateau, suitable to anybody, and the thrilling ascent to Abuna Yoseph peak (4240mt), visiting on the way 2 of the outstanding churches of the outskirts of the holy city.

Tigray region: off of the beaten track, this region offers some of the most stunning views of the country together with an amazing heritage of rock-hewn churches. Between the possible options, we recommend a community based trekking that offers different levels of challenging routes that then may be adapted to the traveller’s interest.

Timket in Aksum-ethiopia

We can include amazing hiking excursions in any of our tours. Let us know your interest and we will adapt our proposal accordingly.

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