Social Responsibility

Sunrise Tours Ethiopia cares about the environment and the local communities.
These are some of the actions we take to address these goals.

Waste Reduction

In our office we print and use the paper only when it is strictly necessary. All our files are networked. In our field work, we are implementing a system of filling up reusable bottles with natural mineral water, in order to reduce the amount of plastic waste produced during the trips.

Ethiopia danakil desert wreck
Ethiopia tourism board

Commitment to Tourism

We don’t understand tourism only as a business, but as a mission for our country:  Yacob is currently serving, on a non-remunerated basis, as the President of the Ethiopian Tour Operator Association, as a member in the National tourism ‘’Think-Tank’’ team and also as board member in Tourism Ethiopia.

Community tourism

We are enthusiastic supporters of community tourism, since we firmly believe this can be a powerful tool for improving the livelihood of the local people and, at the same time, offers to tourists the chance to learn from the amazing happiness, unique lifestyles and strength of Ethiopian community.

sunrise with the community Tigray ethiopia
Addis Ababa women cooperative pottery

Community benefit

The tourism industry is capable of having a positive impact upon the local communities and we pursue this goal by proposing visits to different community projects, where the travellers can get in touch with creative local realities and contribute by purchasing products and using local services.


Traveller’s ethics

Since there are several cultural and economic peculiarities and contrasts in our country, sometimes visitors are led to misunderstand which actions are appropriate. Therefore, all our travellers are receiving detailed advices about what to do and what to avoid along the trip.

You can download our respectful behaviour guidelines here MISSING LINK

Ethiopia tribe photo sharing

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