“Black Jerusalem”, the “African Petra”, the “Eighth wonder of Earth” … these are just some of the appealing nicknames of the amazing labyrinth of rock hewn churches found in Lalibela. What you will find here is not only one of the most outstanding monumental sites of the world, but also an inspiring place where faith is deeply rooted in each detail, an alive sanctuary that delivers a great sense of peace and harmony between humans and earth. The city churches are the “must see” heritage, but other interesting churches are hidden in the surroundings and can be included in a trekking experience and even an interesting community based hospitality visit.


HOTEL STANDARD:   In Lalibela there is a wide range of choices from high standard to medium low. Eco friendly lodges and community based hospitality are very advisable for nature lovers and those travellers looking for a different approach to the country.

WEATHER: The rainy season in the north is from June to mid-September. Nevertheless, is possible to visit Lalibela year round, since during the rainy season precipitation is intense but short and most of the time happening in the afternoon-evening, so they don’t disrupt the program. Average temperatures range between 29º to 10ª.

High mountain programs and community trekking should be avoided during the rainy season.

Sunrise means passion for Ethiopia