Classic Tours by Road

Traveling by road in Ethiopia always rewards tourists with unforgettable experiences, especially when it is possible to slow down the pace and add some extra days – unusual markets, breath-taking landscapes and beautiful scenes of ordinary life are just some of the reasons for which we promote travelling by road, even if distances can be long and road conditions not always great.  Also, thanks to our private car, we can reach unusual places, areas where only few visitors go. True that some of the necessary overnight stops are in simple local hotels however also this contributes towards a special and authentic journey.

We have prepared some tours aimed specifically at the more “adventurous” travellers who wish to explore Ethiopia with a certain comfort (all overnights are in hotels with ensuite facilities) but whose main focus is to experience certain unique locations and peoples.

Each itinerary is carefully designed to give the best insight into the region. These programs are upon request and on FIT basis.

Contact us for any further info. 

Sunrise means passion for Ethiopia